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Saturday, September 12, 2009


I used to think it was our offering to God, but it's God's gift to us. What faith "feels" like is a numbness that allows us to walk through our fears, untouched, at least while we're walking; like emotional suspended animation, we go at a "numb" pace - aware of what is around us, but somehow capable of moving through our troubles.

Struggle comes from doubt and fear; faith comes from a deep surrender with our noisiest fears echoing gradually to silence. It is a paradoxical slowing down of the ego and a quickening of courage, free will and accountability. The surrender is not to chance, but to truth.

Written by Michelle Murphy is one of the LifeBites Experts. Click on the below link to learn more about her. She really is such a blessing in this life. This is a beautiful note that she sent me. I found it filled with such a good message, I asked her if I could pass it on... (Under Experts/Intuitive)

Monday, September 7, 2009

LifeBites #3

“True love is when you are mind and heart are saying the same thing” -- Tywanna Sutton Motivational Speaker

Many of you have heard me talk about how you know if someone is healthy for you -- Your heart and head need to be on the same page. For example: If you have a lot of heart and it does not make logical sense, i.e., he is married, does not show up for you, not geographically desirable, etc., or the opposite; he looks good on paper, but you have no heart or soul connection even though you try to rationalize that he is good for you.

So many times we want the dream or fantasy of what we created in our mind or heart to be real, we lose sight of what is. As an exercise this week, be honest with yourself. If you ask, "is your mind and heart in union?” If “yes,” you know you are in the right relationship. If the answer is “no” then look at the reasons why you are not aligned with what you truly want in life.

Write it down on paper, so you can become clearer in the process. If need be, talk it out with someone. The goal is to allow the truth to come to the light. It’s in that “truth” that real love can happen.

Friday, September 4, 2009

LifeBites #2

Take time this weekend... relax and play!  Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

LifeBites #1

LifeBites thought of the week is about appreciating your life. In Sheryl Crow's song, "It's not just getting what you want, but wanting what you have" the song’s message is about being happy with yourself and appreciating your life in the now. For today, don't look at why life isn't working, but look at how life is supporting you, and what life has to offer, even if it one thing.